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Finding actively managed alternatives to ETFs that don't statistically stink

Introducing the Portformer Active Replacement Score


Search funds by ticker or securely link your client's portfolio. We'll compare the investments to over 26,000 other mutual funds and ETFs. . 

Get a full report that shows our picks and comparisons—plus estimated portfolio savings if you switch out weak funds.




Instantly see which funds earn the fees they charge you. For mediocre funds, explore our top ten alternatives.  


Portformer Relative Replacement Score

A Financial Advisor never starts with a clean portfolio.

Our, first-of-its kind, head-to-head fund comparison score makes it clear if there are lower-cost & more efficient investment alternatives out there for any fund in your portfolio

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From Union Leader Interview
“No professional should follow recommendations blindly,” he said. “But Portformer is a great tool to find new alternatives. There are thousands of mutual funds and ETFs available — it would take an eternity to do this level of research without tools like Portformer.”

Carlos Sava

Clarendon Capital Management LLC (CCM)

Compare mutual funds with 1000's of low-cost ETF's

See fee savings by replacing high cost mutual funds 

Simple & secure report in minutes

Win new business 

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#1 Traditional Fund Rating Agencies

  • Bucketing funds into 1 of 9 style categories

  • Box checking of characteristics

  • Overweight the importance of the 'all-star' management team.

  • Treat Mutual Funds as separate from ETFs


#2 Do it yourself

  • Gather information and data on the more than 9,000 mutual funds and 5,000 ETFs 

  • Spend the time running your own analysis 

  • Whittle down your list while trying to stay unbiased of performance and while running the rest of your business.

How are high fees being tackled today?

Portformer's Technology

  • Leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning 

  • Identifies small portfolios of ETFs that consistently, concisely and most completely follow the performance of a mutual fund 

  • Validate if a fund is earning the fee it is charging and giving you alternative options if it doesn't. 

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The $400 Billion Problem

The vast majority of mutual funds are not earning the fees they charge.  Over the next 5 years, we believe these funds will overcharge households, pensions and endowments by over $400 billion in fees! 

When funds are charging too much, switching to a portfolio of low cost ETFs can save your clients thousands of dollars a year and even lower their fees by over 50 bps.

"Mind-blowing. I can't believe how much money I was throwing away on high-fee mutual funds."


Private Investor

"I could win 401k rollover business all day with this tool"


Financial Advisor

"Keep up the good work. Bogle is smiling down"

Daniel W.

Portfolio Manager

Explore how Portformer™ can improve to your portfolios

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Financial advisors have saved hours a month in research that has enabled them to add on more clients.  Portformer usually pays for itself within a month, just by helping you win 1 new client, one time.

*All prices are per advisor per month on an annual plan.

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Use Portformer™ to identify lower cost alternatives for your clients

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